Upace Co., Ltd.

Upace Co., Ltd.
Established In: 1987

Staff: 30
Office located in Taipei, Taiwan
Shangchung factory to produce Ultrasonic Rat
Pest Repeller (warehouse, factory Use)
Business Type: Exporter, Manufacturer, Importer
Export Markets: Global 40% to U. S. A. 20% JAPAN, 15% Europe
15% to Others

Main Products Export:
Ultrasonic Rats/Pest Repeller(warehouse, factory use)
Pest repellent (family use)
Animal repellent,
bird repellent

Export: Multi-function handy pliers, DIY hand tool, impact driver, wrench, uni pry bar, oil filter pliers, diagonal pliers, 6 inch Diagonal Cutting Pliers/Invisible Spring Pliers, Long Nose Pliers/Invisible Spring Pliers, screw driver, etc

Promotion gift
Auto Mug/Travel Mug (printing customer logo) for advertisment

Import from:Gift Item (from China, Hong Kong, Korea)
Fred Jan
[886] 2 24667982
3F., No.10, Dongxin Rd.
Keelung, Taiwan, 20145, Taiwan (ROC)
Principal Owners of Company
Fred Jan
Year Company Commenced Business
Year Company Moved to Current Address
Number of Employees
Size of Plant
8,000 square feet
Location(s) of Plants
Taiwan and China
Company Certifications